The NEW Metroflex Plano: FitGR, GASP, and Better Bodies!!!

As I said in my last blog entry ( I let out the great news! Metroflex Plano will be moving it’s location.  We have purchased 3 acres of land and will be building the NEW Metroflex Plano from the ground up, set to open in late 2012.  Well the good news definitely does not stop there!

Inside of the NEW Metroflex Plano will be a 4,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse and showroom for Fit Gear Republic, the dealer for GASP and Better Bodies!  Many of you are familiar with the Brands GASP and Better Bodies as their fitness clothing has a quality and style that is unmatched in the US, and their clothing has graced the cover and inside pages of many of your favorite fitness magazines on many of your favorite athletes and models. Metroflex and FitGR are very excited about teaming up together in this building. Both companies strive to serve the top 10% of the fitness industry. The people that want more out of their workout, and require more out of their fitness apparel.

 Here’s what Fit Gear Owner, Wade Warren had to say about the “team-up”:

“It can’t happen soon enough!  Our customers are polite so they don’t say it often, but we know they would really like to have more elbow room when they come over to check out their favorite brands GASP and Better Bodies.  Our new space with Metroflex Plano will accommodate that and much more!  Since a large part of our business is online we’ll be able to ramp up our warehouse to a level it needs to be.  And it will be integrated into our store for a unique and sort of hardcore customer experience.

Since we’re the only company in the USA that focuses exclusively on these brands we’ve got people coming in regularly from far away.  They deserve to find the kind of destination they would expect.  Teaming up with Metroflex Plano in our new building will make our combined presence a destination visit to look forward to, and one to remember.”

We are all looking forward to this new facility and this great partnership. To continue to get updates on Metroflex Plano and the progress of the NEW Metroflex Plano keep check back here in our blog, or sign up for our newsletter!



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