Time Management – Yes, you have time to take care of yourself

By Greg McCoy and Yuri Diogenes

While athletes have their own regime to keep up with their diet, training and resting, many people that are struggling to change their lifestyle gets stuck on one core problem: time management. How can I eat right if I’m on the road all the time? How can I exercise if I do not even know what time I will leave work? The reality is that most of these people will fail because they just believe their agenda does give them time to take care of their health. In this article Yuri Diogenes and I will give you some tips on how to manage your time to ensure that fitness and proper diet are included as core part of your day.

Lack of physical activity and bad eating habits are core elements that contribute with degradation in production in many areas of your life. The article “Obesity in America: By the Numbers” (Chou and Kane 2012) refers to a Reuters article that says: “Workers who are obese are less likely to be promoted than their fit peers.” Despite the statistics showed in this article is very important to ensure that you perceive that those changes are necessary in order to improve your overall quality of life. Even work life balance can improve when you change those patterns, because you will fell encouraged to exercise and eat better in order to produce more at work. By changing those patterns you can achieve more not only at work but also at home, with your family and friends. Your energy level will always be high, your metabolism will work better and you will feel alive.



Keep the balance among the core elements of your life in order to achieve your goals


Ok, all this sounds really nice, but I don’t have time to exercise and I can’t control my intake. That’s not necessarily true, because if you really want to, you CAN make it happen. Yuri and I started working on his diet and training activity back in October 2011 (see his change here). Yuri lived a frantic lifestyle, working a full time for a big technology company, writing technical books after hours, traveling to deliver presentations and working on his Master degree. But once we talked and he focused on “eating correctly” and “exercise frequently” the path to be fit was easier to accomplish. That happened because he didn’t focus on dieting and “let’s go to the gym…”; the mindset here is: you need to incorporate those core elements into your daily routine. Just like you have to drink water every day, just like you have to go to work every day, those are patterns that you built throughout your life and you now feel it is normal to perform those actions.


stress Lack of physical activity and high level of stress can degraded your overall quality of life


Simple changes are also important to emphasize, such as:

  • BYOF (Bring You Own Food): it is okay to go to your friends’ house with your container with the foods you need to eat.
  • Educate yourself to not skip meals: make sure that you follow the plan and eat every three hours.
  • Drink plenty of water: why? Well, read this.
  • When traveling make smart changes: sometimes traveling is challenging, mainly to prepare your foods and exercise. In this case make sure to choose a hotel that is close to a gym or that at least have a cardio room for you to exercise early in the morning. Usually traveling for work also means social time with coworkers, make sure to enjoy the time with them, but keep in mind that you don’t need to eat or drink like crazy; make smart choices: instead of tacos, go to a lean chicken breast.

Changing patterns was something that I (Yuri) struggled with at the beginning. This new pattern of eating every three hours was not something that I was used to. Rapidly I understood that this new pattern was keeping me full and that feeling of anxiety to eat a lot was gone, because I was always full and my metabolism was working all the time, which means I was actually losing weight. With this change in addition to the exercise routing (6 times a week) I was down 30bls in three months and I thought: “well this should be it; I can’t really lose at the same pace after three months”.  I was wrong, keeping the pattern and tweaking the exercise and diets here and there were enough to make me lose 80 lbs in 12 months.


YuriGreg Yuri and Greg after a workout session at Metroflex Plano

In order to incorporate those core elements into your daily routine you need discipline to make it happen day after day. Be diligent to achieve your goals, make sure that you are very aware that ultimately this is your goal and no matter if you have a great trainer, a great gym and full access to great/healthier foods, nothing will really happen if you don’t do your part: make it happen day after day.

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About Yuri Diogenes


MBA, Technical Writer and Speaker. Yuri  has published 7 books about IT/Security and currently working on his Master degree at UTICA College. In parallel to his career Yuri is working hard to get on the best shape of his life, studying to get his ISSA Certification in Nutrition and aiming to debut in a bodybuilding competition sometime in 2014.

You can follow Yuri on Twitter at @yuridiogenes



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